A Note to my Readers…

As I have been building my ePortfolio, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I engage with High Impact Practices in my everyday life. Before taking this course, I knew that there were things I was doing that were effective– but I wouldn’t have necessarily classified them as HIPs.

My continuing work with Elon’s Gender & LGBTQIA Center allows me to engage with some of the designeted 10 High Impact Practices, while also lookign at how different events and modes of support can have significant impacts on a wide variety of students. Over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about what exactly makes High Impact Practices count as HIPs. It also helped me contextualize why some of the HIPs I am working with (my LLC), have had some less successful moments. To take something that can be otherwise impactful for students and make it a High Impact Practice takes a lot of specific time, planning, and outcomes.

I have learned about how much of an impact some of these HIPs and student engagement can have on a student’s time at their college or university. This course gave me context as to why my attitude about my undergraduate institution completely changed through my time there. When I first got to the University of Mary Washington I wanted to be anywhere but there. I had full intent to transfer by my second semester and was counting down the minutes. However, then i got involved in student leaderships and my whole outlook changed– I went from wanting the minutes to go by faster to wishing they would completely slow down. This was because I engaged in something that completely changed the trajectory of my undergraduate experience.

As a professional I hope that all of the work I do is impactful someway to my students. Whether it is a formalized HIP such as my LLC or something that isn’t classified as a HIP, but could be, like student employment my goal is to help my students make the most out of their collegiate experiences.

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